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Mechanical Angel by RedStar-Sama

This author has taken something traditionally beautiful and so very human and added an element to it that changes our perception of what it really means when you see any drawing of an angel. They are usually almost always portrayed as perfect, beautiful beings with wings. That is why they capture our imagination so much. Because it has always been a dream of mankind to fly. The reason why I love this piece so much is because it challenges what a person's perception of an angel is and showed that they really aren't as perfect as first thought. It shows a darker and more clinical side to something that is usually so perfect and human. Yes, she is still beautiful, but she is also a machine, built out of metal and glue, and so she is not alive. I am also very impressed with the skill that has been put into this drawing. Her anatomy is almost perfect, and her mechanical bones are drawn beautifully, they look very human in every way apart from fact that they are made out of metal.
The shading is beautiful, and if I where to give the piece as a whole a mark out of ten, I'd give a nine- because of the originality and concept that went with this, and the quality of the work is stunning.
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